Saturday, March 19, 2011

Among my jobs...

Frank Moore March 19 at 1:09am
So, anyway...out here in San Diego...among my silly jobs was this one. Shuttle driver. Matheson Fast Freight. Start at seven p.m. Make a set. Take it to Fontana. Break and dock. Make another set for Los Angles, downtown. Break and Dock. Fuel. Make a set for Anaheim. Dock and Break and make for San Diego. At San Diego, dock, make and break, then go back to Fontana...again. Make and break and shoot for San Diego before you run out of hours. Intra-state, you can do 15. Maybe you make it back to San Diego with the in-bound morning I-15 by 9 a.m. Dock. Go home and come back at Seven p.m. again. On Friday...no second Fontana...but you had to go to Bakersfield, instead. And Back down over the Grapevine. Finish Saturday, maybe 11a.m. Off Sunday. Or, you could do San Diego to Fontana to Fresno to Sacramento. And back, twice a week... I finally quit when somebody dropped cinder blocks off a bridge through my windsheild on a midnight run from Fontana. I managed to pull over okay. Shaken, I was towed back to Fontana. Given a new tractor and sent back to San Diego. They demanded a second Fontana then. I said I could not drive again that night. They then said to man up or be fired. I quit.

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